Monday, March 30, 2009

Love House Kids Program and a Special Child Katelyn or Katie continued

Here we are at Katie's spring break, a time that was suppose to be the appropriate time to move her permanently into her new home. Deena and Tim have jumped through ever hoop possible to accommodate this and the time it has taken and the distance that they drive 5-6 times a week to pick up and deliver and go to the classes and take Katie to whatever appointments she is suppose to be at has just eaten up their lives but with the vision that it would all be over by this time. So much for the PROTECTIVE in child protective services.It is not in front of the Judge and isn't. Not only the miserable disappointment for Katie but here is she at spring break and can still only get the weekend to go home so she gets to stay at the group home that week with just about none of her stuff - Everything she owns is at Deena and Tim's You know exactly what will happen here. They all will be looking at her not getting home until school is out.
What a crying shame. None of them, Katie, Deena or Tim have a voice in this, It is the very same inadequacy that placed Katie in the wrong home the last time. Deena is just burnt out and Katie keeps on keeping on because she has never had any choice,
It just boils me that these kids got dealt the wrong hand at birth and then supposedly are placed in a system that is suppose to take an interest in them and protect them- Bunk-The best these kids can hope for is a bed and food and maybe a foster parent that cares.
Lets us keep Katie, Deena and Tim in our prayers
Next chapter

Well just to update you on the situation with Katie. She got through her winter break with putting up with her new mom and me switching shifts. I had 3 days with her and what a treasure she is. Katie is more grounded than she has ever been since I have known her. She is definitely frustrated and who could blame her. Here she has her family waiting for her and the very system that is suppose to play a positive role in her life is the one holding her back from security and love. Makes me sick. Katie helped me out in the office and I soon learned that she has great organizational skills. We had to meet her new friend so they could go to 4H together and so we needed to meet at Brooke's high school which focuses on horses. Brooke has a goal of being a vet for horses ( what a match for Katie) Katie told me this is where she is going to school next year. I said to Katie "who would have thought that we would be having this conversation, Katie and she looked at me and said "not me" and then went quiet and looked at me and said BUT GOD knew. Yep I wiped out!
She went down to see Keith, our jeweler, who had supplied her Christmas present for her new mom and thanked him. Keith just hugged her and encouraged her to hang on. Deena and Tim were set for their CPS home inspection and get the call the day before that too short staff - need to wait a month or so. Deena had finally taken all she was going to take and asked for supervisors and anyone above this case worker, who all of a sudden became very supportive and suppose to be trying to clear a temporary stay until they can get the judge to sign off on it. It was horrible for Katie to have to go back to the group home after spending a week at her new home and where she was suppose to be permanently by now and have to be dropped off at the group home again. This is so cruel and so unnecessary. People just do not understand what these kids go through, the smallest of things mean the most to these kids. Deena and Tim let me pay for a dresser for Katie's room. Deena and Katie built it together and Katie told Deena, it had been a long time since she had a dresser. Deena asked how long and the answer was since Debbie ( first adopted foster mom that put her back in the system, so that is about 4 years ago and maybe longer since they came here from Colorado) Having a dresser is a big thing to Katie.
Lets all pray that they are able to get the temporary stay and maybe just maybe Deena or me can pick Katie up from the group home for the last time this Friday.

Maureen Karpinski
Help out Abused & Neglected Kids In Need
at the Love House Kids Program Charity.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Buying or Selling Property? A Competent Good Year Arizona Realtor Will Get the Job Done

Buying or selling real estate may seem like a daunting task considering the current economy. If you are looking to buy or sell in Good Year Arizona, choose the best real estate agent to insure that you get the results you want. A professional realtor is invaluable to your success! This article will explain why hiring someone who has expertise and knowledge will make a difference in the outcome.

We have all know people in various professions who were simply out to make a good profit, even in the real estate industry. By choosing a reputable and compassionate Good Year realtor, you can be assured that your business is in the hands of someone who is concerned about you and your money. Don't trust just anyone to do the job - choose someone who is experienced and reliable, who has integrity.

Are you needing to buy real estate or property in the Good Year area? If so, you want detailed, precise information about the area you are interested in. Knowing what the market values in the area are is important. You want to make a fair offer, but not spend more than necessary on your investment. Schools, jobs and safety are other important issues you want to be informed about. A Good Year real estate agent can help you with every question you have.

Real estate investing is very common. Many people actually make their living this way, so having a realtor that is tuned in to your needs is crucial. You want properties that are smart investments, and that will make you money in the future. A reputable and compassionate realtor will keep you informed of properties that fit your criteria.

Due to the economy, selling your home or property has become increasingly difficult. However, you should not let that hinder you if you need or want to sell your home or property. When you choose a Good Year realtor who has experience in selling, they will work hard to sell your property and get the highest return possible. They know how to get results, no matter what shape the economy may be in.

A compassionate real estate agent that truly cares will handle all the stress of the business dealings to that you can relax assured that you will get results. No job is too big or to small for a competent Good Year realtor. Put your trust in the hands of someone who knows how to achieve a positive outcome, and get the absolute best deal for you.

Maureen Karpinski
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Phoenix Arizona Real Estate - The Effects of the Economy

Phoenix Arizona Real Estate - The Effects of the Economy

Everyone knows that the recent economy problems have adversely affected real estate. Phoenix property is no different, however you can still buy or sell if you choose the right realtor. Although times are tough, it doesn't mean that you have no chance of selling or buying property in Phoenix.

For investors, it may be the perfect time to invest in real estate. Interest rates are down, and many people are selling their properties at reduced prices. By choosing a compassionate and caring Phoenix realtor, you will have the ability to locate many properties that fit your criteria, and purchase at the best prices.

A competent realtor will also invest time in your business, because they care about the results you get. They will also save you time and stress by taking care of all aspects of the business deals for you. A qualified Phoenix real estate agent will keep their eyes open for properties that may be of interest to you as well.

By choosing an agent who is professional, experienced and truly compassionate, you can be assured that you will get the absolute best result for your investment.

Selling property or homes has become more difficult as well. If you are intent on selling your home, you need a Phoenix real estate agent who can get the most profit for you, while working with the buyer to make sure they are satisfied as well. An experienced realtor know that they must work with both the buyer and the seller to produce an outcome that will satisfy both parties.

Times like these are when it is crucial to employ a realtor who has years of experience and knows about the effects of an up and down market. A Phoenix realtor who is reputable and willing to make your deal a reality no matter what it takes is what you need. Strong negotiation skills are also important for producing optimal results.

Are you contemplating investing in real estate or properties in the Phoenix area? If so, make sure to choose a realtor who will get the results you want. Choose the best Phoenix real estate agent available, and feel confident they will get the job done! You can be successful in your investments, no matter what condition the economy is in.
Maureen Karpinski
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Real Estate Weekly Inventory Level Comparison

As of Friday, February 27th, 2009.

Dramatic changes are beginning to take place in our market. The availability of Single Family Detached homes is decreasing, with a drop below 40,000 this week to 39,828. This fact, combined with previous months closings at 5907, left the market supply at 6 3/4 months.

We haven't seen numbers below 40,000 for Single Family Detached homes for sale since March of 2007. May of the same year is the last time we had over 5,900 closings.

There have been no pending sales over the 10,000 mark since June of 2005.

If you read newspapers to keep up with current real estate market conditions, doesn’t it make you wonder where these facts have been misplaced?

Phoenix continues to hold its place as the best market in the Valley presently, at 5 1/4 months. Following are the West Valley at 6 months, and SE Valley at 6 1/2 months.

Sales are still slow in higher end properties, due to the nearly non-existence of realistic financing above conforming amounts of $417,000.

MLS Statistics
Breakdown by Area

Overall Market. Inventories are down 2% from last week. Total of 39828 active listings with 5907 closings in the last month. About an 6 3/4 month supply.

Phoenix. Inventories are down 2% from last week. Total of 9140 active listings with 1753 closings in the last month. About a 5 1/4 month supply.

West Valley. Inventories are down 3% from last week. Total of 10064 active listings with 1675 closings in the last month. About a 6 month supply.
NE Valley.
Inventories are unchanged from last week. Total of 5728 active listings with 328 closings in the last month. About a 17 1/2 month supply.

SE Valley. Inventories are down 3% from last week. Total of 9000 active listings with 1446 closings in the last month. About a 6 1/4 month supply.

Scottsdale over $1m. Inventories are unchanged from last week. Total of 1497 active listings with 34 closings in the last month. About a 44 month supply.

Scottsdale under $1m. Inventories are down 1% from last week. Total of 2491 active listings with 204 closes in the last month. About a 12 1/4 month supply.

ParadiseValley. Inventories are down 1% from last week. Total of 562 active listings wih 15 closes in the last month. About a 37 1/2 month supply.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Property - Whether Your are Buying or Selling, Glendale Realtors Can Help

Whether you are wanting to buy or sell property in the Glendale, Arizona area, professional real estate agents can be invaluable. You want to buy a home or land at the best price possible, especially during these tough economic times. If you are selling, you want a lucrative profit. This article will explain how an Arizona realtor can help you get results in either case.

Tell the truth - you've seen agents that were out to make a quick commission, and didn't truly care about the outcome for the client. What you want is someone who cares, and is passionate about getting the results you desire. Personal attention is crucial when you are talking about what is perhaps the largest investment of your life.

If you are looking for real estate or property in the Glendale area, you want detailed information about the area. You need the sold market values of comparable homes in the area you are considering, so that you can make a fair offer. Schools and area safety are also important to you. You want a "feel" for the area you may be calling home. When you choose a competent Glendale real estate agent, you get a trained and qualified agent who truly cares about your needs.

If real estate investing is your interest, you want a realtor that will search for properties that meet your criteria. Many people make a living investing in real estate, and finding properties that will be profitable for you in the future is essential to your success. You need a realtor who is experienced in this area, and knows how to find the types of property you are searching for.

Now, what about selling? Selling homes and property has become a little more difficult recently, due to the economy. Should that stop you if you are wanting to sell? Absolutely not! When you choose a Glendale realtor that knows their business and what it takes to get the results you want, your house or property will sell - and they will work hard to get the highest return possible on your investment.

Buying or selling, you need a real estate agent that is a tough negotiator, and willing to handle all of the stress so that you don't have to. A reputable realtor will handle your business from beginning to end, making sure that you are satisfied with the outcome. Getting the results that clients want is what being a compassionate real estate agent is all about.

Are you considering buying or selling real estate in the Glendale Arizona area? Make sure you find the best realtor for the job. It will make the difference in whether you get so-so results, or results that are exactly what you were looking for!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Phoenix Arizona Housing Market - Help for Homeowners

As you are surely aware, the housing market in Arizona is not in the best of shape. The economy is on very shaky ground. What does this mean for you if you are a homeowner and can't afford your monthly mortgage? Here is some information that may help relieve some of your stress.

Arizona has been hit extremely hard with foreclosures in the past year. In fact, only two other states had a higher rate. President Obama recently signed a bill into law that will prevent many people from losing their homes. This stimulus package will help millions of people avoid foreclosure and keep their homes.

There are many questions homeowners have. Here is some information that will help explain things if you fear you are on the verge of foreclosure:

What help is available if I am at risk of foreclosure because I am behind, or struggling to make my payments?

The Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan offers to help you if your are already behind on your monthly payments or are having a difficult time making your current payments. By providing incentives to mortgage lenders, the Treasury hopes to get these lenders to modify already existing first mortgages, so that your monthly payments will be reduced.

If you are an Arizona homeowner, how do you know if you qualify for a payment reduction under this plan?

Generally, you may qualify for a reduced mortgage if (a) the home you live in is your primary residence; (b) your monthly payment is in excess of 31% of your monthly gross income; and (c) your mortgage loan is not big enough to go over current Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan limits. Your financial situation will help determine whether you are eligible, which will be reviewed by your mortgage lender. If the lender that holds the mortgage on your home doesn’t seem willing to participate, don’t hesitate to call another lender. Detailed guidelines will be available on March 4, 2009.

You may wonder about other homes you own in the Phoenix Arizona area. If you own rental homes or vacation properties that are not your primary residence, the mortgages on these homes are not eligible under this plan.

On the other hand, if you own a duplex with 2 to 4 units and you live in one of the units, all of the other units are eligible for reduced mortgage payments. If you don't live in one of the units, the duplex is not eligible.

There is much more information in this plan such as eligibility if you owe more than your home is worth, and if you have more than one mortgage. Your Arizona real estate agent can supply you with lenders names that can help you with these questions, and determine what is best for you.

If the current housing market and foreclosure has you worried, learn more about the plan. Arizona is a wonderful place to live, and you may not have to suffer financial difficulty to keep the house you call home.