Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Short Sales Allow Phoenix Homeowners to Exit With Fewer Worries

Many of life's problems can cause a homeowner to become upside down with their mortgage. A death in the family, divorce, or losing your job can mean that you can no longer afford your home. In Phoenix Arizona, short sales help those who are desperate to get out from under their mortgage payment do so without facing foreclosure. While having to sell your home is never a pleasant experience, you want to do the best thing for yourself and your future.

How does a short sale work? A certified reputable realtor to help you through the process is advised, as it can get lengthy if you go it on your own. Foreclosure sticks on your credit rating for years, and often prevents you from purchasing another home. No one wants to go this route unless there is just no other option; fortunately, a short sale may be your best bet. If your bank is willing to sell your home at a loss, then you find a good real estate agent to find a buyer for your home.

What often gets lengthy is going through the process of locating a buyer for your home. The buyer proposes an amount they want to pay for your home, then the bank must approve it. If the buyer offers a ridiculously low amount, the bank may decline the sale. Then, it's start over from step one. When you hire a Certified Distressed Property Realtor who is experienced in the short sale process, they know how to handle buyers, lenders and anyone else involved so that no time is wasted. You want to get the ball rolling, and hiring an agent is your best bet.

Why would your bank settle for less than what is owed on your home? They would rather take a loss than have a home sitting empty. If the buyer comes up with an amount that is acceptable, you have sold your home. This means that you can get out from under those monthly payments without completely destroying your credit, and without the embarrassment some feel when faced with foreclosure.

The truth is, banks deal with money and do not really want to own property, which is what essentially happens in foreclosure. They would rather get a fair market offer, and when a buyer offers an amount in this range, that is often all it takes. Do you live in Phoenix and find yourself in dire financial straits? Consider a short sale, and hire the best realtor you can find to assist you in finding the perfect buyer for your home!

Maureen Karpinski
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Arizona Short Sales in Scottsdale

Most people know that Scottsdale Arizona is an upscale area where you will find lavish, elegant homes. Short sales have become popular over the past few months, due to the economy and housing market. What does this mean for you, as a buyer? You can get a home that was most likely beyond your price range previously. When you are dealing with this process, having a certified, reputable and experienced realtor helps make the negotiations much quicker and seamless.

Why would homeowners be selling their homes for prices that are affordable? The economy has caused many people to lose their jobs, and all over the country people are having financial hardships. This happens, even to the wealthy! They find that they cannot pay their mortgage, and don't want to face foreclosure. In Scottsdale, finding a short sale home can mean that you get a lot of house for your money!

An Arizona real estate agent who is certified and experienced in this area can help make what can be a lengthy process much simpler. Why do short sales have such a bad rap? Because it can take a long time, and you are dealing not only with the seller, but their lender and agent as well. When you determine how much you want to offer for the home, the bank makes the decision on whether it is an acceptable amount. This can all get exasperating, but a good agent will represent you to insure that everything runs smoothly.

Foreclosure not only ruins your credit, it can also be very humiliating for some. Those who live in the Scottsdale area are people too, and bad things can happen. When tragedy strikes and a homeowner can no longer afford their home, they must take action. Short sales help them get out from under their mortgage, without completely destroying their credit. While it is a sad situation, it is the chance of a lifetime for a buyer to get a beautiful, lavish home at a steal!

If you are considering purchasing a home in the Scottsdale Arizona area, you would be well advised to have a highly qualified real estate agent help you locate available homes. One who knows the area and what you are willing to spend can help you find a great deal, and make the transaction much less stressful and confusing. Short sales, when handled properly, are a wonderful opportunity for a buyer! Don't let the opportunity slip away from you.

Maureen Karpinski
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why Phoenix Arizona Sellers Prefer Short Sales Over Foreclosure

The housing market continues to decline, and more people are finding themselves under water. In Phoenix, Arizona, people are selling their homes because they can no longer afford the mortgage. While foreclosure is an option, short sales are fast becoming the more frequently chosen route. Why? This article will explain the benefits so that anyone who finds themselves in this position can make an intelligent decision.

Due to the declining housing market, many homes are now worth less money than they were when the owner bought the home. If a homeowner gets behind on their monthly payments, they are unable to refinance since the home is worth less. Many feel at this point that foreclosure is the only option, but Phoenix realtors have noticed an increase in short sales. This is advantageous for the seller in several ways.

One advantage is your credit rating. While a short sale does have a negative impact on your rating, it is less severe than foreclosure. When you go into foreclosure, your credit rating drops by 250-280 points, and you usually cannot purchase another home for at least 36 months, usually 4 years or longer. When you choose to go the short sale route, your credit score is reduced, but it is usually around 80-150 points and you may qualify for another mortgage in only 18-24 months.

Perhaps the most attractive benefit of a short sale is that if you do sell your home but the selling price isn't enough to satisfy the mortgage, the bank or lender will often forgive the shortage. This route is beneficial for the lender as well, because he doesn't have to endure the process of foreclosure. While the process can be a little more lengthy and annoying for those with little patience, a reputable Phoenix real estate agent can take care of the details and transactions for you, which often speeds things along.

There are some other benefits when you decide to take this route as well. Sellers usually have time to make other living arrangements, and may stay in the home during the sale. Avoiding foreclosure is a relief to many, and saving face by not having to file bankruptcy is important to many people. If you find yourself in dire financial straits and wonder if a short sale would benefit you, contact a highly-qualified Arizona realtor today. Your future may depend on it!

Maureen Karpinski
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