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For the Month of April 2008 --- Vol. 3, Issue 4


Spring is officially here! And with it comes warmer weather... longer days... and your Economic Stimulus Package tax rebate! Do you know when to expect yours? The tax rebate article below can help you figure out when you'll receive your money. And it provides you some insight into how you can help make sure you get it sooner rather than later!
While you may have to wait a bit for your rebate, the car wash tips below can help you save cash today. The article breaks down the best way to keep your car shining like new and preserving your resale value, while saving money by not paying for unnecessary car wash features.
Remember, this information may be of interest to your friends, family members, and coworkers. So feel free to pass it along to help make their spring a little brighter. And call or email me with any questions.


Timing Is Everything! We all know the deadline for filing your 2007 taxes is quickly approaching. But you may want to be ahead of the curve if you want your tax rebate sooner, rather than later. That's because tax rebates will start going out on May 2... but only to taxpayers who have their returns processed--not just sent--by April 15. The closer it gets to mid-April, the more the IRS gets backed up to process the flood of returns--sometimes taking a couple of weeks to complete. E-filers will get their rebates more quickly, since electronic returns can be processed faster. However, even e-filers should have their returns in by April 10 to be safe.
Would You Like Paper? Or Electronic? Tax rebate checks will start going out on May 2. But here's the deal... taxpayers who chose direct deposit will be first in line. According to the IRS, all direct deposit tax rebates will be wired between May 2 and May 16. Paper checks won't start going out until May 16, and aren't expected to be completed until mid-July.
What's Your Number? The IRS needs some way to determine the order of distributions - but they're not going alphabetically. Instead, tax rebates will be distributed in order of the last two digits of your Social Security number...the lower your number, the sooner you'll receive your payment. For a detailed breakdown of the order, take a look at the IRS's Stimulus Payment Schedule.
About seven to ten days before your rebate is sent, the IRS will send you a notice informing you how much it will be. If you signed up for direct deposit, however, you'll probably receive that information in the mail about the same time your rebate is deposited into your account, since direct deposit transactions are processed so quickly. But you don't have to wait that long to determine approximately how much you'll receive. To calculate your approximate rebate, visit the new online stimulus calculator on the IRS website.
Finally, it's important to remember that the rebate check will not be counted as taxable income and will not reduce your refund or increase the amount you owe when you file your 2008 return. However, if you owe back taxes, the IRS will apply your rebate to that bill and send you whatever is left over.
For more information, visit the Economic Stimulus Package Information page on the IRS website. You can even read detailed answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


"Those Cars Never Seem To Stop Coming... Keep Those Rags And Machines Humming!"~ Rose Royce
With spring in full swing and summer fast approaching, most people want to have their car looking good. Driving a nice clean car just feels good--and it can also help to preserve its appearance and resale value.
What's the Best Way to Clean Your Car... at the Car Wash or at Home?
Believe it or not, an automatic car wash is not only more convenient, but it can also be much safer for your car than washing the car at home. Why? If your car is washed by hand in direct sunlight, the drops of water turn into mini magnifying glasses, which can cause the sun's rays to burn spots into the paint--and this could cost you big when going to resell the vehicle. Additionally, many people use harsh household soap products, which remove protective wax and leave a chalky residue on the surface. Taking this into consideration makes the $8 to $15 automatic car wash fee look pretty reasonable.
Of course, the car wash has a number of "extras" that can add up fast and quickly double the cost of a quick car wash! Before you agree to the "works" package, find out what is included and decide if it is really worth the extra money to have a fresh scent sprayed in the interior, or a spray-on wax applied to the exterior.
Consider These Tips the Next Time Your Car Needs a Shine.
Rust Proof Spoof? Undercarriage rust proofing may be one of the extras you can do without. That's because most new cars were already rust proofed at the factory, and adding a car wash proofing adds little to nothing in terms of true protection.
Wax On, Wax Off. Many automatic car wash machines offer a spray-on wax feature. But, truth be told, spray-on waxes offer little more than a surface-level shine. A hand-applied wax, on the other hand, may be worth the investment because it helps restore precious oils and provides a UV-protective film.
Wash That Grease Away? In most cases, you'll want to avoid having your engine cleaned. The high-pressure water used to perform the engine cleaning can cause serious engine problems in new vehicles.
Undercarriage Cleaning. Rust proofing your car's undercarriage may not be necessary, but you should consider adding an undercarriage cleaning. It washes away residue from the winder and helps prevent buildup that a regular car wash can't reach.
Ring Around Your Tire? Tire dressings are a better investment and more important than they may seem at first. That's because they actually provide a strong cleaning that removes dirt and brake dust that may cause problems if left unchecked.
To Brush or Not To Brush. When it comes to automatic car wash machines, you should always opt for a brushless car wash. Older car wash facilities may still use brushes, which tend to leave light scratches in the paint. They can also remove the clear coat that was applied by the factory to protect the paint.

Market Report-Credit Card Rates-

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For the week of Apr 07, 2008 --- Vol. 6, Issue 15

Last Week in Review

"I KNEW THE RECORD WOULD STAND UNTIL IT WAS BROKEN." ~ Yogi Berra A record was broken on the job front last Friday as the Labor Department reported a much worse than expected loss of 80,000 jobs in March - the greatest jobs loss reported in five years. In addition, revisions to both January and February's Jobs Report delivered an additional loss of 67,000 jobs - that's on top of the previously reported loss of 85,000 jobs for that two-month period.
And...the story might be even a bit gloomier than it already appears. The Labor Department uses a lot of averaging to help it come up with its numbers more quickly, but this practice can skew the current picture significantly. Think of it this way - and because it's now baseball season, here's a Baseball analogy - let's say that mid-way through the season, a red-hot hitter with a batting average of 340 declines into a bad slump for several weeks. While he now can't even hit a basketball thrown underhand to him, his average - while lower to 300 - is still very strong due to his previous hot performance. So someone looking at just the statistics may think that this batter is still absolutely terrific, but he is really someone the fans are booing as he approaches the plate. This is not very different from current numbers being reported by the Labor Department - previous averaging is likely causing an understating of the ACTUAL number of job losses...which somewhat masks how b ad the job market really is.
This bleak Jobs Report greatly boosts the odds of not only a first-quarter recession, but perhaps a worse economic downturn than many economists fear. The Federal Reserve may respond to this increasing trend in job losses with additional interest rate cuts when they next meet to determine monetary policy on April 30 and June 25. As we've seen in the past though, such rate cuts do not translate into lower long-term rates for mortgages, so there is no better time than right now to refinance an existing mortgage or to structure a new one. Let's work together to make sure your current financing is a home run!

Forecast for the Week

Another classic Yogi Berra-ism is, "I never said most of the things I said." Luckily, the Fed can't make the same claim. This coming Tuesday, the "Meeting Minutes" or open commentary of the Fed's last monetary policy meeting will be released to the public. If there are inflammatory comments, the market could respond quickly.
Remember, when Bond prices move higher, home loan rates move lower. And as you can see in the chart below, Bonds have rebounded higher off of their key 50-day moving average support level, and are moving back toward the upper portion of their current trading range. This means if Bond prices continue to move toward the upper boundary of the range, we could see home loan rates improve slightly.
Chart: Fannie Mae 5.5%% Mortgage Bond (Friday Apr 04, 2008)

The Mortgage Market View...

Credit cards are one of the most pervasive forms of your financial picture. On a daily basis, they provide the flexibility and freedom to reserve a hotel room, travel without carrying cash, and purchase just about anything at anytime.
As such, your credit cards can have a major impact on your financial wellbeing and even your credit score. But did you know that your credit score can also impact your credit cards...specifically your interest rates? Although some companies have abandoned the practice, many won't hesitate to raise your interest rate if your credit score declines - even if you are paying them on time! By following these tips, you can help avoid inflated interest rates on your credit cards...and perhaps even enjoy more trips to the ballpark:
Understand the terms. The best way to protect yourself from high interest rates and hikes is to read and understand your credit cards policy terms. Pay particular attention to the interest rate, how long that rate is in effect, and what actions can lead to a hike - such as a late payment on your card, a declining credit score, or even a late payment on a completely unrelated bill.
Don't be late. Making a late payment can lead to increased interest rates on all your cards. In addition, they can lower your credit score, causing you even more problems down the road. So make a schedule and always pay on time.
Watch the mail. We all get junk mail, but some of it may not be junk after all. Whenever you receive any information in the mail from your credit card, read it carefully in case any policies or interest rates are changing.
Make a call. If your rate does change, call the company. If you've made your payments on time consistently, you may be able to get your original rate restored. If the company seems hesitant, you may want to threaten to transfer your balances to another card - customers in good standing may find they have more bargaining power than they realize. And don't just threaten to make a change...actually do it if it makes sense. You may find the grass actually is greener on the other side.
Be careful what you close. Closing a card that has a current balance will likely send your interest rate soaring. In addition, closing your oldest credit cards can have a negative impact on your overall credit score. So make sure you check and double check which cards are best to close

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Charity Event April 19th

Love House Kids Program Update for April

EASTER- Thank you Curves members at 7th Ave and Union Hills and Kelly owner who put beautiful baskets together for all our kids. Curves did this last year too and what a nice memory for these kids to have. These members donate money and stuff but they get specific- they have the ages and make the baskets according to age. Kelly decorates these baskets with the greatest of care and they are just a masterpiece. What a special time for special kids.

Next our night at the Road Runners Game for the kids was a success.
We sponsored 70 kids and 12 mom’s – We had 35 sponsored by our own donors which really helped the budget and allows us to spend that money on the next need.
A good time was had by all. We put out the call at a very late stage of the game for volunteers to help us sell Chuck A Pucks which we would be the beneficiary of half the funds. First thing I needed was posters and signs. Peggi Waldell who is our board secretary got her family involved and the signs arrived on the door and they were outstanding signs- thanks Peggi and all your family- then the busy people jumped in. Everyone of them worked all day and still found time to come and sell tickets and sell tickets they did.
Tim Lee from the Perfectionist and on our board was all over everybody. Fredi Stillman 2-10 Home warranty and on our board with her Husband stood at the front of concession lines where they were paying and got them there. Noah Wallington- a friend and a tenant was throwing pucks at people and getting them to pay and his friend who knew nothing about us joined him to do the same. Michelle Korhonen from Bourget's Bike works- worked the table with me and as always right there for the kids. Thank you each and everyone of you for being such faithful servants to God's Kids. The Love House Kids Program is so blessed to have people like this on board.
Thanks to everyone that worked it land thank you to all of you that helped sponsor this night for the kids
Next Event is our Comedy event April 19th- Catch 22 Sports Bar. 32nd street & Union Hills - 15 dollar tickets- must be bought in advance- Should be a fun time 4PM-7PM call 602 971 3331
I want to insert feed back that Amy Sue received from one of her moms for that night. This mom is fighting her way back into the work force and society- that takes courage and anytime you can encourage them, it is so worthwhile. They love to do things for their kids and it makes them feel like they are accomplishing something when they can. Their funds certainly doesn’t allow it. They just want to be good moms and doing it on their own from a history of horror is beyond words tough and takes guts. Reinforcing moms efforts and letting her know she is not alone and so respected by all of us for her courage has got to be one of the best ways of preventing child abuse and the child gets to have a great memory of time being with mom.
“Hi Amy,
Could you please let the powers to be know, that My son and I had a very good time at the game last night. The seats were great and the vouchers for the food was very helpful. Being able to share something like this with him, gives us a chance to talk one on one in a positive atmosphere.

Thanks again, Rita
Want to know more about the “Love House Kids Program”? Visit us at

Real Estate Inventory Phoenix, Scottsdale Arizona

Weekly Inventory Level comparison
©2008 Karl Stauffer

As of Friday, 3/28/08
Since February 1st, less than 2 months ago, the Valley wide supply of homes has gone from a 19 1/4 month supply to a 12 1/2 month supply. This has been driven by an over 50% increase in closed sales in that short time. Depspite what we are being told by the media, things are getting much better. I expect this trend of improvement to continue.

Closes in the previous month continue to improve and were up to 3663, moving us a to a supply Valley wide of 12 1/2 months, another improvement over the previous week. Total listings were unchanged at 46172.

All areas of the Valley continue to improve. In the battle for the best markets in the Valley, the SE Valley stays the clear leader at a 10 1/4 month supply. Scottsdale under $1M is at 12 1/2 months in second.
Luxury Markets continue to improve at 25 3/4 months of supply in Scottsdale $1M+, and 29 1/4 months in Paradise Valley