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Happy Sunday

Just had to share with everyone what happened this week. As I mentioned in a previous email, we are trying to provide a full night out for 50 kids at the Road Runner's game in April. We have the tickets and now we need to feed them and just make it a nice memory for all. We heard from Harry and Sharron Hummell at KM Coatings MFG ( you might know) and they are sponsoring 5 kids and Chuck Westerlund who works everyday of his life for these kids already, sponsored 3. Every single one counts, whether you do it as a group or individual. 20 dollars sponsors a child and we are happy to do one child at a time. Only need to it 42 more times and we are there. When we first started we had one child and after doing that 500 more times, guess what! We know the power of one at a time and we know how God works the math. Please let us know if you can help.

This was just a week of heartfelt blessings for us. Pat,a gal that works at Curves presented me with $5.00. Her church had asked their people to tithe for a charity that they wanted blessed and they felt was worthwhile. How humbling was that!

I'm not done yet. Ellen, a neighbor of mine had donated $100.00 for our kids at Christmas time. she then got our tax id number and paperwork, took it to her company that matches donations of their employees, if the charity qualifies. I received a check this week for $200.00. Thank you Ellen for taking the time to go the extra mile and present the paperwork to your company.

Thank you to Scott Miller, one of our Realtors at Cactus Country Property Professionals. Scott is also on our board. As most know our bracelet project really fell short, no it didn't fall short- it barely got off the ground. Scott works with special needs kids and he is trying to raise money for sports equipment for his football and track kids so he came by and picked up about 7000 bracelets and working with other coaches trying to get these bracelets out and make some money for his kids. We had bought these bracelets to sponsor our therapy program and it just wasn't suppose to be. Wouldn't it be so fitting if this is who they were suppose to help. If you have a fund raising need, we have the bracelets and we will split the profits with you. Call me at 602 971 3331, 602 980 0760 or email me;

Thank you everyone for being part of our network for kids. We can not do this without you and wouldn't want to try.

We are a 501 C charity. The math is easy-

100% of all money goes to the kids-

0% for saleries

Love House Kids Program, (602) 980 0760, Fax: (480) 275 3406

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