Sunday, April 6, 2008

Love House Kids Program Update for April

EASTER- Thank you Curves members at 7th Ave and Union Hills and Kelly owner who put beautiful baskets together for all our kids. Curves did this last year too and what a nice memory for these kids to have. These members donate money and stuff but they get specific- they have the ages and make the baskets according to age. Kelly decorates these baskets with the greatest of care and they are just a masterpiece. What a special time for special kids.

Next our night at the Road Runners Game for the kids was a success.
We sponsored 70 kids and 12 mom’s – We had 35 sponsored by our own donors which really helped the budget and allows us to spend that money on the next need.
A good time was had by all. We put out the call at a very late stage of the game for volunteers to help us sell Chuck A Pucks which we would be the beneficiary of half the funds. First thing I needed was posters and signs. Peggi Waldell who is our board secretary got her family involved and the signs arrived on the door and they were outstanding signs- thanks Peggi and all your family- then the busy people jumped in. Everyone of them worked all day and still found time to come and sell tickets and sell tickets they did.
Tim Lee from the Perfectionist and on our board was all over everybody. Fredi Stillman 2-10 Home warranty and on our board with her Husband stood at the front of concession lines where they were paying and got them there. Noah Wallington- a friend and a tenant was throwing pucks at people and getting them to pay and his friend who knew nothing about us joined him to do the same. Michelle Korhonen from Bourget's Bike works- worked the table with me and as always right there for the kids. Thank you each and everyone of you for being such faithful servants to God's Kids. The Love House Kids Program is so blessed to have people like this on board.
Thanks to everyone that worked it land thank you to all of you that helped sponsor this night for the kids
Next Event is our Comedy event April 19th- Catch 22 Sports Bar. 32nd street & Union Hills - 15 dollar tickets- must be bought in advance- Should be a fun time 4PM-7PM call 602 971 3331
I want to insert feed back that Amy Sue received from one of her moms for that night. This mom is fighting her way back into the work force and society- that takes courage and anytime you can encourage them, it is so worthwhile. They love to do things for their kids and it makes them feel like they are accomplishing something when they can. Their funds certainly doesn’t allow it. They just want to be good moms and doing it on their own from a history of horror is beyond words tough and takes guts. Reinforcing moms efforts and letting her know she is not alone and so respected by all of us for her courage has got to be one of the best ways of preventing child abuse and the child gets to have a great memory of time being with mom.
“Hi Amy,
Could you please let the powers to be know, that My son and I had a very good time at the game last night. The seats were great and the vouchers for the food was very helpful. Being able to share something like this with him, gives us a chance to talk one on one in a positive atmosphere.

Thanks again, Rita
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