Sunday, December 14, 2008

Loan Modifications and Services

We had an office meeting last week and had a colleague come speak to us and introduce his new plan and business in modification. Avery is someone we have dealt with over the years for loans and I have relied on for investor advise in acquiring loans. One of the his assets is the ability to switch and adjust to make the transaction happen and this has followed him to his new venture.
He is not taking all loans but will look at everything. If he takes on the loan modification, he will guarantee it , You pay him 1900 dollars up front and if he can't get it done he refunds the entire amount and this is in writing. He has attorneys in his network if he has to act quickly to stop a foreclosure. Of interest too is that he is investigating and researching honest, successful credit repair companies to possible be part of his package or at least network. It makes so much sense. If you need a loan modification, you are probably needing a credit repair as well. You might want to visit him at

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