Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tax Credit Dollar for Dollar and Help Kids in Need

Together we can make a difference. During this season of thanksgiving and joy, we have an opportunity to give a gift to children in need in our community for which you will be able to claim a 100% tax credit, not just deduction. We have attached a letter explaining how you can do this.

Through the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program for the Working Poor, state tax payers can support the Love House Kids Program and be eligible for an Arizona State tax credit. This is a 100% tax credit, not just a tax deduction .
We have also included the Eligibility list showing that we are on the list for tax purposes. We would appreciate being considered in your contributions this year. If you give up to $200.00 you receive a $200 tax credit. Up to $200.00 is what is eligible per person- $400.00 per married couple.
Thanks to each and everyone of you that have supported us this year with time, money,talents,prayers and the list goes on
You can make your check out to
Love House Kids Program
18212 N 8th Street
Phoenix AZ 85022
Remember it needs to be sent by December 31st to qualify.
We are all loving you
Maureen Karpinski
Love House Kids Program
Any questions please feel free to call me 602 980 0760 or 602 971 3331

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Love House Kids Program 18212 N. 8th Street Phoenix, AZ 85022 (602) 980-0760
The list can be found at AZ State Working Poor Tax link

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