Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love House Kids and Willy Northpole

WOW! Starts it off – We had the most incredible day yesterday for the kids in group homes and some foster kids. A week and a half ago the Love House Kids Program had a call from a guy that wanted to hook his client who is a hip hop artist, up with our kids at the group homes. He wanted to come and talk to the kids and he had a message of hope. His name is Willy Northpole and he is Hip Hop so the lyrics are something pretty new to me, however his brand manager assured me that the message was right and they were very responsible with kids. After I took a deep breath and thought about it, I went with it. He is someone that is recognizable in the music world and that would thrill the kids and grew up tough and in Phoenix. It doesn’t get more believable than that for our kids. He has walked their walk. Best decision we could have made. Willy hit it out of the park with these kids and all the adults just loved him. He is just one fine nice human being. He took the kids through his whole growing up life till now didn’t hold back much and the kids were completely quiet and in awe. It was like he was reading their mail. He let them ask him anything and everything with no rush. Please remember this guy had performed for 3 days at the Phoenix All Star games, his voice was gone and he still running on no sleep or next to none was willing to give 35 kids everything they needed. They brought shirts and he autographed CDs and shirts for them. Let all of them have pictures taken with him for their personal use. His whole message was of hope and dreams. He gave the kids his email address; He wears a shirt with HOOD DREAMER on it and he so walks that walk. We were so honored to accommodate this at the Girl’s Place. Bytauh his branding agent and the person that set this up has assured me that this isn’t the end, it is the beginning and Willy’s manager Tiffany, who is just one outstanding gal has offered to help us out in the future as well, We just feel blessed. When we can do something like this for the kids and help provide them with a positive message for life, it makes you remember why you do what you do.

We have a new girl at the Girls Place who is going to Apollo College and working and committed to be the best she can be. We love her to death and know that her attitude is an attitude of a winner. We are happy to help her reach her goal

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