Saturday, February 21, 2009

Phoenix Property Supply is Decreasing

Phoenix Property Inventories are Decreasing!

We are seeing Phoenix and surrounding areas supply of home decreasing. Pending sales have picked up significantly, which means our closed sales will reflect that in March. Welcome news for everyone.

We used to consider a normal housing inventory in our market as one with 6 month supply and just recently were up to 11-12 month supply in Phoenix and over 2 years in Scottsdale with Paradise Valley running a close second. Phoenix is now looking at a 6 ¾ month supply- very nice. South East Valley is looking at 7 and ¾ months housing inventory- still nice, and overall market supply is at 8 and ½ months. Maybe our Phoenix realtors can entertain a light at this end of this very long tunnel. Scottsdale from 750 up and Paradise Valley luxury homes are still way up there but hopefully is this Housing market actually does continue to move, we will create motion in that sector as well.

Phoenix property supply was down 3%, West Valley 1% and the overall market supply was down 2%. Let’s hope the news media can find this interesting enough to report to the public along with all the foreclosure signs they display on the screen. I am so into some positive news.

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