Thursday, April 2, 2009

Katie Goes Home

Katie’s new mom let me pick Katie up from the group home on the Friday. I can not tell you how much I so wanted to do this, To be able to put her in my car and help her load what stuff she had into it and drive away from there was one of my greatest joys. I just looked at that little girl that was going through some real tough emotions and told her you are never going back. Take a look in the rear view mirror Katie, that’s where all of that belongs. She talked about her past friends, she remembered and talked about her experiences of leaving before and then having to go back. She talked about her hopes for the girls she was leaving behind. She talked about her past experiences with people that had played a positive role in her life and I assured her that she does not need to abandon those experiences, take them and what they meant with her and leave the negative stuff behind, All of the people that have made a positive impact in her life will be happy for her and thrilled that they did give her something to carry through life. After talking on all sides of what was going through her mind which was to be expected and thank heavens she felt free enough with me to just let it go, she just stopped and said nothing. After a minute she looked at me and said , Nana ( which is what my name has become- what an honor) THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! I need to call my mom and called Deena from the cell. If I never have success with another child or project or even if God Willing we do, I will never forget that day and I will always cherish it.

Okay, now Katie is home and Deena is double timing everything. She only had one day’s notice that she was bring Katie home even though it technically is still not permanent. She has to have Katie enrolled in a new school on Monday. Love house chipped in for some new clothes since all she wore was uniforms at her other school. We will be there to be a part of this Love Story. Before I forget, I get a call from Katie on Monday and in a very serious voice, telling me I need this phone number and do I have something to write it down with- I’m like panicked ( what has gone wrong so quick) I’m scrambling for the pen and write it down and then she informs me that this is the number to HER cell phone, Yep Katie has arrived. Below is Katie’s own update of her first week and Deena’s comments to everyone.

She truly is a teenager. Reading her update, I really do believe it has been an instant transformation - you would never know that she has been through hell and back. Instead she talks and writes just like all the kids her age.... me, me, me....... I love it! Katie is home at last and knows it.
Thank you to you and all of yours who have helped us make this possible.
Thanks again....

To Nana and Friends;

My first week of school went really phenomenal! My first day was a little slow, but once I got into the swing of the school routines, I was fine. I am on the E team for 8th grade and we have two different days. On days 1, I take Spanish. Even though I started so late, I have caught on quickly. And on days 2, I take P.E. The unit we are in right now in DDR or Dance Dance Revolution. I took a test on Friday and I did excellent. I ended up with a 20/20. So if that is a sign of anything, it means that I am doing well in my classes and I am catching on quickly and I understand what I am supposed to be doing. This upcoming week we are doing AIMS and on Friday the 3rd we are having a Spring Carnival from 5:00-8:30. Our last week of school the 8th graders are going through promotion on Tuesday and we are having our promotion ceremony that night. On Wednesday we are going to Big Surf and on Thursday we are having our promotion dance. And on Friday we are getting our diplomas. We only have 7 to 8 more weeks of school left so we are all trying our best to work on what needs to be fixed so we don’t have to be held back. All of my teachers are nice and they understand my situation and they now where I am from. My Spanish teacher, Mrs. Figueroa, is helping me with the words she is teaching the class so I am not left behind. My first hour teacher, Mrs. Evenson, is helping me catch up also. My second hour teacher, Mrs. Taylor, is very nice and I am learning about the Vietnam War and the Cold war. My third hour teacher, Mrs. Sarriano, is making us write persuasive essays (mine is done) and that is the class where I got the 20/20. After that I have lunch. Fridays we have what’s called music at lunch and it is really neat. After that I have math and my teacher is, Mrs. McBeth. We are learning what I have already learned so it is fairly easy. Then like I said before I have Spanish on day 1 and P.E. on day 2. I have a close group of friends and I continue to grow and learn more each day. That is the update on my first week and the upcoming events. The first week at home permanently was excellent. I am really glad that I don’t have to go back to the group home on Sundays. On Tuesday, this was also my first day of school; my dad picked me up from the bus stop after school. In the morning my mom takes me to school. Wednesday I came home and did my homework and did chores. Thursday I found out what was going on for the last week of school and I am glad that I am in the 8th grade and don’t have to hear the announcements saying the 8th graders get to do this and that. At home I did pretty much the same thing and I practiced my Spanish. Friday I had to be quick with my chores and homework because I had 4H cooking and sewing. I learned how to cook Shepard’s pie, horse treats, and any cake mix cookies. Saturday I baked some oatmeal cookies and I helped out with the odd ball stuff. My youngest nephew came over so we babysat him. And Sunday my other two nephews came over and stayed for a little while. Also at school we are doing the talent show. My first week here was a little crazy but otherwise it was an all out excellent week. I am looking forward to more awesome weeks in my life. To nana specifically: my nails are growing out and I have not bitten them once this week and I will not bite them this week either. Love you all!!!

Maureen Karpinski
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