Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Rate of Foreclosures Make It a Buyers Market in Phoenix

It has been all over the news recently - the rate of foreclosures is up all over the country. Phoenix Arizona is no different, and there are plenty of homes available to buyers at astronomical savings. Of course, this is bad news for the homeowner, but at least there is a bright spot in the mix.

Media is reporting that an estimated 1 million homes will be lost to foreclosure by the end of this year. If you are a real estate investor interested in Phoenix property, there has never been a better time to find properties for investment.

In Phoenix and surrounding areas like Glendale and Scottsdale, properties continue to fall in price. As daunting as all of this sounds, there is actually good that comes of it. As homes and real estate become affordable, more homes are sold. This helps boost the economy, which is in dire straits at the current time.

A Phoenix real estate agent can help you locate homes and property that is in your price range. With the booming foreclosures comes the opportunity for you to purchase properties at rock bottom prices. This is the perfect chance for those looking for a family home, as well as those who invest to resell in the future. Affordable home prices and low interest rates are luring buyers to stop procrastinating and buy now, while prices are low.

To be perfectly honest, purchasing a foreclosed home in Phoenix or surrounding areas isn't a piece of cake. Your real estate agent can assist you in locating the best deals and choosing properties that best suit your needs and budget. Many property owners enter foreclosure, then postpone or stop the process completely. Most properties listed on the free public websites can't be bought, because they fall into the category just mentioned. Your best bet is to contact your Phoenix realtor, who can find properties that are actually in foreclosure and available for purchase.

Most people looking to purchase homes or real estate just want honest information to help them make the best real estate decision and get a good deal for their money. Contact a professional Phoenix real estate agent to learn what properties are in foreclosure and what kind of savings are available to you.

Maureen Karpinski
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