Sunday, January 4, 2009

Love House Kids Program update from Christmas

Love House Update
Wow! What a Christmas! We had more kids than ever in need for Christmas
and people came through with unbelievable generosity. We supplied over 850 kids this year with toys and 55 of them were complete wish lists for teenagers living in group homes.With the economy not so great and so many fears of what is coming, I was concerned about our
Christmas needs getting met. People didn’t leave us. They got more creative and
it turned out fantastic. Instead of one person or family taking on one child a two or
three families took on the one child. People reached out to friends and co workers
that didn’t know we existed and got them involved. From that great effort, not only
did the kids get Christmas but the Love House Kids Program got more exposure and
from that we have received more offers to volunteer services. Everyone won.

The Girl’s Place has certainly had its breaking in time and what a trip it has been
It is a place for the exceptional girl that really is putting her own actions and accountability into a customized program leading to success for a lifetime. There are
lots that want it but few that are truly willing to work it. Even the willingness to learn
how to work it and be accountable can be the difference in a life time for these kids.
We will work with them on breaking the dependency on the system and becoming
completely reliable on themselves creating a healthy life style. I don’t know who has
learnt more, them or me. I certainly can attest to knowing more about some subject matter than I ever dreamed of. We never know where the success will come from but
it will and in some situations, we may not know about it for years later but in the
meantime, we are the front seat audience.

We have had a gal that was at our fund raiser jump on board the love train with her
talents in socialized internet marketing and put the Love House Kids Program and Girl’s Place on Face book. She is so energized and already making a difference, She is also
looking at some fund raising events that she may put on. This is going to be an exciting time for all of us and if Christmas is any indication of what people are willing to do for our kids that range from 0-19, the economy won’t be allowed to restrict us. Everyone will
just get more creative so the burden is spread out and not so heavy. The power of one person doing one thing has never ceased to amaze me. One person does make a difference; the Love House Kids Program is full of those stories and is where it is today
because of them. All of the kids at the
Love House Kids Program
and me thank you for caring about us and being there for us. Those that don’t know who we are, please visit us at

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Maureen - You are the perfect example to following your heart and sharing it with others. You have brought magic, love confidence and Hope - and it's working to create a better world for all of us.

Sending you only Love
Georgia DiPirro