Sunday, January 11, 2009

Housing inventory updates in Phoenix & Area Arizona

The good news is that our sales pace and inventory levels continue to stay fairly steady. Inventory levels dropped nearly 4% over the New Year and closings picked up to give us a market supply of 8 3/4 months, nearly twice as many as 1 year ago when we were sitting at 15 3/4 months.You do have to take into account that historically good or bad market housing inventory always drops over the holidays. People don't like to put their property on the market during those times when they are busy with everything else and if their house is ever going to look like a disaster, that would be the time. All of us here at Cactus Country know if we could get some loans available to qualified people, our closing numbers would be so much higher and our inventory that much lower which would definitely stimulate some movement in the market. We can have the lowest interest rates, which seems to be the case right now but if the bank isn't going to lend, it does absolutely nothing for us. If you are positioned right for your financing, there are some excellent deals out there.
The Realtor calls are on the increase and the potential listings call have really increased this past week.

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