Sunday, January 11, 2009

Multi Unit Loan Alternatives

In a difficult loan enviroment for investors buying and investors wanting to transfer ownership of a multi unit these days here are possibile alternatives. You can produce creative alternatives and stay in compliance with the lenders and all legal responsibiltes.

Loan Workouts / Modifications / Assumptions – It may be possible to structure sales based on a negotiated agreement with the existing lender. New financing may not be a viable option in the current market. The following points may be considered:

Negotiation with lender – In many cases, the borrower / property owner is not the best person to conduct negotiations with the lender. A qualified real estate broker, mortgage broker or attorney may be best suited to represent the borrower. I am available to work with you and your client to present the best case to support a loan workout or modification based on current market conditions.
Loan Assumption / Modification – A new buyer may agree to assume personal liability and to reduce the principal balance in return for a reduction in the interest rate, a short-term period of interest-only payments, or other loan modification as part of a property acquisition negotiation.
Seller Carryback – The current owner may structure a carryback (subordinate financing) as an incentive for the buyer to complete the transaction. A carryback reduces the cash equity required from a buyer to close a purchase transaction, while enabling the seller to create an income producing promissory note secured by a deed of trust

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